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Berkey Base used for the Travel Berkey, Big Berkey and Berkey Light gravity filtration systems

Berkey® Base (Without LED Lamps)

The Berkey® Base, can be used for the Travel Berkey®, Big Berkey® and Berkey Light™ gravity filtration systems.  Note that it comes with Berkey Light™ systems

Height:  13cm

Diameter:  21.9 cm


  • Made of a durable non-BPA copolyester
  • Is attractive and gives systems height
  • Enables systems to be placed anywhere on a flat surface, eliminating the requirement that they must be placed on the edge of a table or counter

The Berkey® Base is currently available on our international website in the non-lighted version only as we have found that the lighted versions are geared for 110 voltage (North America) and do not always work to their full potential with a transformer or battery adapter.


If you require small replacement parts for use with any of the Berkey Stainless Steel or Berkey Light systems such as Spigots, Knobs, Screws, Wingnuts, Blocking Plugs, Priming Buttons, Rubber gaskets or other miscellaneous parts please contact us.  Lids, and Upper and Lower chambers are also available upon request.
Most of the smaller parts are very inexpensive and some may be available as a group in kits.
Just let us know and we can provide you with a quote.



Available for Purchase online Email us or Phone us AUCKLAND +64 9 418 2123





Berkey® Base

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