Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

On average, bottle water costs 2000 times more than tap water. (The Story of Bottled Water)

People in the U.S. buy more than half a BILLION bottles of water every week! Enough to circle the globe twice. (The Story of Bottled Water)

1/3 of all bottled water sold in the United States is repackaged tap water, including Aquafina (Pepsi Co.) and Dasani (Coca Cola). (Grist)

Plastic is made from petroleum. Making the plastic water bottles used in the U.S. in one year takes enough oil and energy to fuel a million cars. (The Story of Bottled Water)

Americans throw out 38 billion empty water bottles a year, more than $1 billion worth of plastic. (Fast Company)

80% of the single-use plastic bottles from bottled water consumed in the U.S. end up in landfills. (Surfrider Foundation)

In 1976, the average American drank 1.6 gallons of bottled water a year. In 2007, that number had increased to an average of 28.3 gallons per person. (Fast Company)

Federal and state regulations require that municipal water sources be tested for bacteria hundreds of times per month (every few hours). Bottled water plants have to test their water once a week! (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Tap water must be tested for cryptosporidium, giardia and viruses. There is no law or regulation requiring bottled water companies to test for these parasites or viruses. (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Bottled Water Plastic Waste

Bottled Water Plastic Waste

In the U.S. alone, more than 24 billion pounds of plastic packaging is produced every year. Most of that packaging is designed for single usage, meaning it’s designed to be thrown out as soon as that package is opened. (Surfrider Foundation)

Worldwide, human beings use more than 1 trillion plastic shopping bags a year. (Surfrider Foundation)

Every reusable bag bought or distributed prevents about 400 plastic bags from being used. (Surfrider Foundation)

Every 13 plastic bags saved equals enough petroleum to drive a car one mile. (Surfrider Foundation)

By Klean Kanteen

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