Fluoride and Cancer – Seychelle Bench-top Water Filter

According to the National Toxicology Program, “the preponderance of evidence” from laboratory ‘in vitro’ studies indicates that fluoride is a mutagen (a compound that can cause genetic damage).

It is generally accepted that if a substance can induce genetic damage there is a heightened risk that it could cause cancer as well.

While the concentrations of fluoride causing mutagenic damage in the in vitro studies is higher than the concentrations found in human blood, there are certain “microenvironments” in the body (e.g. the bones) where the concentrations of fluoride can accumulate to levels comparable to, or in excess of, those causing mutagenic effects in the laboratory.

Of particular concern are a series of studies indicating that fluoride can cause osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in both fluoride-treated male rats and boys under the age of 20 living in fluoridated areas. Osteosarcoma is a rare, but deadly, form of cancer that strikes primarily during the teenage years.

Bench Top Advanced Filter

Bench Top Advanced Filter Attaches to Tap

Seychelle  Bench-top Advanced Water Filter

Use with any fresh water source, such as tap water, roof water, rainwater, rivers, lakes, and streams.

Capacity (Advanced): 10,000 Litres

Fits: Taps with an aerator connected by an internal thread.

For: Home, office, campervan, bach, or boat.

Features: Unique tap attachment with button to engage/disengage filter.


99.99% of all aesthetics, microbiological contaminants (cysts, viruses, bacteria), chemicals (including Chlorine) and heavy metals.

90% of Fluoride.

How to Use:

The Seychelle Bench-top filter uses two tubes – one sending unfiltered water to the chrome filtering unit and one bringing  filtered water back and out through your kitchen tap.  A button on the tap attachment turns the filter on and off at the tap when  filtered water is not required,( i.e., hot water to wash dishes).

How the Filter Works:

The filter cartridge is an absolute 1 micron pore size and uses a number of different media to remove 99.99% of all aesthetics, microbiological contaminants (viruses and bacteria), chemicals (including Chlorine) and heavy metals.

$ 249.00

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