If your water comes from a household well

If your water comes from a household well

Household WellBegin by learning as much as possible about your tap
water. If you haven’t already received it, contact your
local water supplier and ask for the annual water
quality report (sometimes called a consumer confidence
report).This report lists the levels of contaminants
that have been detected in the water and shows how these levels compare with  drinking
water standards.

Some contaminant levels remain constant throughout
the year, while others vary according to season,
weather, or from house to house. For example, lead
typically occurs when it leaches from the lead pipes
and solder that are in some homes. If you are concerned
about a contaminant whose level may vary,
consider getting your water tested (use a certified laboratory
for the most reliable results). Use this information
to help decide on a home water treatment unit

If your water comes from a household well,

recommends annual water testing for nitrates and coliform
bacteria.In addition,check with your health department
or local water systems that use ground water for
information on contaminants of concern in your area.

Armed with this specific information, you can determine
your purpose in buying a home water treatment
unit: to remove specific contaminants; to take extra
precautions because a household member has a
compromised immune system; to improve the taste of
the water, or some combination of these concerns.


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