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Berkey purifier vs common Water filter

Purification Water Filter Systems

There are two different classification standards for Water treatment devices.

The first classification is a Water filter, to meet this standard a Water treatment device must remove at least 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria. This is known in the Water filter industry as a log 4 reduction.

The second classification is a Water purifier, to meet this standard a Water treatment device must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria (log 6 reduction). In addition the Water purifier must be capable of reducing viruses by at least 99.999% (log 5 reduction).

All Berkey systems that contain the Black Berkey elements are classified as Water purifiers. In fact Berkey Water Purifiers remove 99.9999999% (log 9 reduction) of pathogenic bacteria. To our knowledge no other Water filtration device in the world can ma

During an emergency having an ample water supply is the # 1 priority when preparing according to survival experts and agencies like FEMA. You can only survive for a few days without it. Most people would agree that there is a possibility that the municipal infrastructure that provides your drinking water could fail during an emergency. Possible causes could include, natural disaster (earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, epidemics, floods, storms, etc.), manmade problems (electrical outages, equipment failures, etc.) and manmade disasters like war or famine. During these trying times you and your family would need about 1/2 a gallon of water per person per day. If you had to provide a family of five with an emergency water supply for only three days it would take 7.5 gallons of water, weigh 62 lbs. and take up considerable space. How would you haul it if you needed to move from your home? What if you needed a fresh drinking supply for 10 days (208 lbs.) or even longer. You can see that the logistics of preparing for your drinking water needs quickly becomes very difficult or almost impossible for a long term solution.

Water Treatment

During an emergency prepare to use the Water that is all around you

The problem of having drinking water is not one of just finding it. Water is all around us in the form of lakes, rivers, ponds, ditches, swimming pools, stock tanks, mud puddles, old tires, rain collection and many other sources. The problem comes from the fact that most of this water, if consumed would make you sick, the last thing you need in a emergency situation is to become sick, further dehydrating you. What if you had a way of purifying these contaminated sources of water. This is where the Berkey purifier comes in. Berkey designed these filter systems to be able to take water from these questionable sources and drink it. Our filter system uses time tested technology and puts it in a portable form perfect for emergencies. Eliminate the need to store and transport hundreds of pounds of water. Our systems weigh less than 7 lbs. and can be taken with you anywhere.

International relief organizations discover the solution to emergency Water filtration

When missionaries, rescue workers, medical specialists and emergency relief agencies like Unicef, International Red Cross and Save the Children go into disaster areas and need a reliable source of drinking water they often rely on the Berkey purifier. This time tested micro pourous technology has been around for hundreds of years. This coupled with advances in modern water filtration technology produce a water filter ideal to sustain your drinking supply during an emergency. Purchase a Berkey filtration system today and rest easy that your drinking water supply problem would be solved, no matter how dire the emergency becomes.

Emergency Water storage

During an emergency you can also store this precious commodity using your Berkey purification system. Many people in preperation for an emergency, store water in large containers. This provides them with a safety net. Portable plastic 55 gallon containers make excellent emergency storage. When you store a large quanity of drinking water you are more able to provide for yourself and others around you who may not have anticipated the emergency event. Water heaters, bathtubs and swimming pools, when filled, also make a good emergency water supply. Here a some good resources.

Emergency water and food supplies

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